The Amazonia University creates virtual game on waste management in Mononguete

Students and teachers from the academic institution traveled to the Mononguete nucleus, in Solano (Caquetá), an intervention area of the Amazonia 2.0 project. There, they worked with the community to raise awareness and practice proper waste management.

"Mononguete Expedition for a healthy environment", is a video game created by the Department of Distance Education of the Amazonia University, which arose from the agreement between the university and Fundación Natura, during the execution of A2.0, whose actions are developed in the Mononguete Nucleus and the Inga de Niñeras Indigenous Resguardo in Solano (Caquetá).

The agreement, with the purpose of strengthening the pedagogical processes in rural and dispersed areas of Caquetá, allowed a series of meetings and the articulation between students and professors of the university and the social organizations of the sector, the environmental monitors, the public utilities company and the Mononguete Rural Educational Institution, with the purpose of expanding the local capacities for the adequate management of garbage.

The didactic spaces included, between 2019 and 2020, theoretical and practical workshops on garbage separation and classification, transformation of solid waste into handicrafts and awareness-raising visits to the most contaminated places in the area.

As described in the repository of digital educational resources of the web portal of the Department of Distance Education, from a sequence of challenges, it is sought that players "learn to classify solid waste and understand how it can be used", from the dynamics and context of a place called Mononguete.

Therefore, the characters and the scenery of the video game represent characteristic elements of the place such as the pollution on the Caquetá River, which is part of the route to reach Mononguete; the streets and houses of the site, the animal-drawn vehicle in which the community collects garbage, among others.

Taking into account that the problem of inadequate waste disposal not only affects the 185 families living in this area, but it is a widespread practice, which is repeated in many parts of the country; the video game is available to the entire population with internet access that is interested and is also part of the commitment of Amazonia 2.0 to contribute to the strengthening of territorial governance in the region.

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