We celebrated the Amazonian Evening!


On February 12th, different countries in South America celebrate Amazon Day. To be part of this commemoration, the Amazonia 2.0 project, together with IUCN South America and the European Union in Peru, joined forces in the organization of the "Amazonian Evening".

The event was broadcast live last Friday, February 12th, 2021, at 6pm UTC-5, through Facebook, within the framework of Peru's Bicentennial. The event presented, in a dynamic way, different audiovisual productions that convey the feeling of the projects that work for the conservation of the Amazon, hand in hand with its native peoples.

The initiatives financed by the European Union, which made presentations at the event were:

  1. Amazonia 2.0 Project.
  2. FAO-EU FLEGT Program.
  3. Amazon Vision - Integration of Protected Areas of the Amazon Biome (IAPA).
  4. Alliance for Wildlife and Forests (WWF - WCS).
  5. Circular economies and agro-tourism (Terra Nuova).
  6. Agreement for development and good living in the Vraem (AVSF - PROGRESO).
  7. Amazonía VERDE (CESVI).

The Peruvian Ministry of Environment (MINAM), which works hand in hand with the EU to strengthen the Leticia Pact, was also present. In addition, the Ambassador of the European Union in Peru, Diego Mellado, and the Regional Coordinator of the Amazonia 2.0 project, Braulio Buendía, took part in the inauguration of the event. The evening was hosted by Gabriela Arnal, communicator of the A2.0 project.

More than 500 people were connected to the live broadcast, who were able to enjoy these Amazonian voices for 1 hour, and learn about the different efforts being made for the environmental conservation of this biome. The international audience came from various countries including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Spain, Suriname, Italy, Venezuela, France and Chile.

Watch the event with english subtitles below.