Connected for our forests: Workshop in the use of the A2.0 Geovisor

In four sessions between May 4 and 12, 2021, Amazonia 2.0 provided a virtual workshop in Spanish and Portuguese to improve skills in the use of the Geovisor developed by the project.

The Geovisor is one of the key technological components of the A2.0 regional platform, which allows for a dynamic visualization of geo-spatial information on various topics such as: the project's work areas and monitored zones; biodiversity, climate and land use monitoring; issues related to forest governance, among other priority topics, to contribute to better territorial management and governance processes where A2.0 is being implemented.

This workshop was organized by the project and facilitated by EcoCiencia - who is leading the administration and training process of the Geovisor - and had a theoretical and practical format, based on a "learning-by-doing" approach. 80 people participated in this workshop, coming from several countries of the Amazon Basin -Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia- including: A2.0 monitors/rangers, representatives of indig
enous/campesino organizations including COICA and several of its bases, governmental entities and NGOs, with whom Amazonia 2.0 is articulated.

Starting on May 18, there will also be sessions in English for representatives from Guyana and Suriname, and at the end of May there will be a broader event for the Launch of the Regional Platform where the progress of the social and technological components of this comprehensive tool to improve governance and territorial management based on community monitoring experiences will be shared.