Validation of the Forest Governance Indicators in Brazil

On November 13th, the webinar "Validation of the Indicators of Forest Governance within the Amazonia 2.0 Project in Brazil" was held, attended by 14 participants, technicians from institutions that are partners of the project - such as the State Secretariat of for Environment of Acre (SEMA-AC), the Public Prosecutor's Office of Acre (MPC-AC), the Comissão Pró-Indio do Acre (CPI-AC) and WWF-Brazil. 

The objective of the event was to bring together institutions with significant accomplishments in the region of the Amazonia 2.0 project, to contribute to the revision and validation of the proposal of adapting forest governance indicators for the project's intervention territories in Brazil. 

The proposal was adapted from the structure originally conceived by FAO's Forestry Programme in the "Framework for Assessing and Monitoring Forest Governance". The fundamental basis of the framework is the generally accepted pillars and elements of "good" forest governance, which is linked to political, legal, institutional structures, planning, and decision-making processes, as well as implementation, enforcement, and compliance, and whose principles are accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, impartiality/ equity, participation, and transparency.

As a result of the event, further meetings are being held in Working Groups formed during the event to continue the analysis and validation of indicators. Each group is formed by two of the institutions present and the work will be carried out during the month of November.


For more information:

Carolle Alarcon

Technical Coordinator A2.0 Brazil

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