IUCN’s work in the Brazilian Amazon

This November 19th, the virtual event "Work vision in the Amazon: IUCN experiences in the region" was held, with the participation of 20 people, from both the IUCN Secretariat from South America, and the Brazilian membership who works in the Amazon of that country.

The objective of this conference was to share information about the work of the Secretariat and the Members in this important biome in Brazil. At the event, the approaches and areas of work were shared, as well as the initiatives and tools available, as an initial step towards the articulation and construction of a joint vision of the Union to work in the Amazon biome.

Among these initiatives, the Secretariat shared experiences, results and learnings from the regional projects Amazonia 2.0 and Green List Amazonia, as well as their progress and perspectives in Brazil.

As part of the Brazilian membership, nine organizations participated –WCS Brazil, FVA, IPE, IMAFLORA, ISPN, IDESAM, WWF Brazil, IDSM and SCM– which have a great trajectory and diversity of work in the Brazilian Amazon. Thus, the various visions of work, experiences and ongoing initiatives were shared, showing an important journey and great strengths in environmental matters in this country.

In the discussion space, some initial actions were identified to establish connections between various initiatives, as well as an invitation to maintain this collective flow of communication and exchange. The conference concluded by highlighting the need to articulate efforts of the Union to strengthen the actions and effective results of the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems in this biome.